Don't Have Time to Clean Your House?

Arrange for house cleaning services in Quad Cities, IA, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Wesley Chapel & Tampa, FL

You work all day, pick up the kids from school and get a few brief hours of free time before going to bed. You don't want to spend your precious free time cleaning- and you don't have to anymore. If you need house cleaning services, reach out to Fresh Start Cleaning in Davenport, IA, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Wesley Chapel & Tampa, FL. We can customize your cleaning services to your specific needs.

We also offer move-out cleaning services so you can focus on packing instead of cleaning. We'll clean everything, from the baseboards to the cabinets. Call 563-484-4298 now to schedule move-out cleaning or house cleaning services.

Who needs house cleaning services?

Everyone needs a helping hand every now and then- especially when it comes to cleaning. Some of our clients are homeowners who...

Recently gave birth and need to focus on parenting
Have physical limitations that make it difficult to clean
Work hectic jobs and can't fit cleaning into their schedule
Love to have friends over and need a clean space to entertain guests

No matter why you need cleaning services, we're here to help. If you need house, condo or apartment cleaning services in Quad Cities, IA, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Wesley Chapel & Tampa, FL, call 563-484-4298 today.

Standard cleaning package

a whole house cleaning job. sweep, vacuum, mop, whole house dusting, disinfecting counter tops, bathrooms, return air vents cleaned out, baseboards, living room, kitchen, dens, microwave clean outs, appliance fronts and tops are cleaned, cabinets
Everything is customize-able